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10 Biden-Obama memes to help you recover from the drama of election season

While Vice President Joe Biden may not be the nation's commander-in-chief, many on the internet say he may be the country's new prankster-in-chief.

Last Friday, users on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook added captions to pictures of Biden and President Barack Obama talking to eachother, with Biden playing the trickster, and Obama the stern parent.

The captions include comments about recent news events and other current issues, such as birth certificates, adoptions, and dad jokes, and come after a somewhat controversial election which has sparked protests, outrage, and the phrase "Not my president" to trend on Facebook and Twitter.

While some of the memes are more political in nature, some do showcase the close relationship the two men have had throughout their time in office.

The memes have started to get media attention overseas as well, with the BBC writing about it. CNN has also compiled a list of 11 of their favorite memes.

Enjoy some of our favorites below.