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13 reactions to this week's supermoon

There was nothing so super about this year's supermoon, which came its nearest to earth in almost 69 years — at least, not if you live in certain parts of the world and Australia.

Moon viewers living in Melbourne Sunday night were impacted by clouds covering the skies, forcing many to leave the city to properly observe the sight.

But, even though mostly cloudy conditions were forecasted along the New South Wales coast for most of the evening, people in other parts of the country did not miss the chance to get a glimpse of the night sky.

In Sydney, thousands of people came out to see the supermoon, "jostling for the best spots at popular landmarks and beaches," according to The Daily Telegraph.

The clouds began to clear as the night went on.

Monday night also offered crystal-clear views throughout Australia, Asia and the Philippines, according to The Daily Mail.

In other parts of the world, people took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to document their own personal experiences.

Some took photos of the moon with famous buildings, both in the United States and abroad, above mountains, or of the moon hanging over a city, lighting it up.

Celebrities also got into the spirit of sharing pictures of the supermoon, too.

Below, we have compiled a list of reactions about this week's supermoon from social media. Enjoy the photos while you can — because this won't happen for another 18 years.

According to, the moon won't come this close again until November 25, 2034.