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Rockmonster Unplugged: Athletic audits are OK, but playing fan politics isn't

Thanks to a legislative audit that took months of investigating, we now know the University of Utah athletic department lost track of some keys and laptops, and its basketball coach hasn’t paid all of the $80,000 it took to buy out a game against BYU. He’s on an installment plan.

Oh, and there's this news flash: Keeping good coaches is expensive.

Monitoring athletic spending isn’t a bad idea at any public university, but the fact it came up immediately after Larry Krystkowiak canceled this year’s game against BYU made the audit appear a purely political move. It’s doubtful they were thinking of conducting an audit at exactly the same time the 2017 Utah-BYU game was nixed.

So the investigation found Utah needs to keep close watch on its bonuses and expenditures, but that the school is doing far better with its money than most of its peers. The U. is saying it strives to do “more with less.”

Auditors cautioned the university to avoid getting into a spending race in order to stay competitive. Too late for that. Unless everyone in the conference and country signs an agreement not to overspend, it’s the business they’re in. Coaches get ridiculous pay raises to keep them from going elsewhere.

I admit insight regarding a tax-supported university isn't a bad thing. For that matter, I’d like to see an audit of BYU’s athletics, too — though as a private school, that won't happen. But I wouldn't want it on a year when it's tied to a canceled game. Too political.

I got into sports writing to avoid politics.