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Letter: Selfish generation

Have we raised a spoiled, selfish generation? In many ways it appears so. When they don't get their way, they just throw a tantrum, demonstrate, do protest marches ... etc., and do anything to get their own way.

Most teenagers think they are smarter than their parents. Scientists have found that the human brain does not reach maturity until 25 years of age. Did we do wrong in giving 18-year-old children the vote? It seems so. They don't understand that we are a nation of law and order. You can't just change the voting results of the country by marching around protesting. That is mob action.

I didn't vote for Hillary or Trump, but I accept Trump as our new president because he got the votes needed to win. Law and order is what makes our nation great. If laws are not good, then we change them. We do not fight each other like Third World countries do. Maybe we need to change the age of accountability back to 25 years of age. Maturity and wisdom always trump immaturity and foolishness!

Halvor Olsen

West Bountiful, Utah