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Photos: Local artists create holiday candy window displays at Macy's

Children peer through the windows at candy ornaments during an unveiling celebration for the Macy's holiday candy windows at the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City on Thursday.

Starting in July, Macy’s City Creek Center enlisted six local artists to each design and create an oversized holiday ornament made of candy: Jeff Rollo, Kathy Tran, Matt Marcusatio, Pamela Layton McMurtry, Rachel and Rebekah Smith, and Zach Albrecht.

The unveiling of holiday candy windows is a tradition that dates back to the early 1970s and marks the official kickoff celebration of the holiday season in Salt Lake City. The local tradition originated at ZCMI in the 1970s. Since 2013, Macy’s at City Creek Center has sponsored the community tradition by featuring local artists who create and install oversized, handcrafted ornaments decked out with hundreds of pounds of candy.

Macy’s provided the selected local artists with supplies, including a 42-inch styrofoam ball, to create a holiday-themed ornament.