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BYU dive: Kevin Dreesen takes second place in the 1-meter

In the first set of a three-day meet, BYU's Kevin Dreesen finished in second place in the 1-meter event on Thursday in Georgia.

Dreesen took second place during the prelims with a score of 335.75, which he increased to 344.50 in the finals. Opponent Jordan Gotro from South Carolina took the top spot in the 1-meter with a final score of 371.70. Matt Denkers from BYU finished in eighth in the finals with 303.55.

Julia Vincent, a senior from South Carolina, finished in first in the women's 3-meter diving. Shelby Johnson performed the best for the Cougars and placed 37th overall with a score of 217.35. BYU's women's dive team did not advance to the finals in this event, but they will have another chance in competition Friday in the 1-meter.

Friday's events begin at 10 a.m. EST, for the preliminaries, and the finals start at 5 p.m. BYU will be participating in the 13th event of the day with the women's 1-meter event and the men's 3-meter immediately following.

Courtney Lovelace is a current student at Brigham Young University and works in Sports Communications. She may be contacted by using her email at