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UTubers: David Archuleta releases passionate new music video for single 'Numb'

David Archuleta was the runner-up on "American Idol" season seven. Eight years later, Archuleta just released his new single, "Numb."
David Archuleta was the runner-up on "American Idol" season seven. Eight years later, Archuleta just released his new single, "Numb."
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After teasing fans for the last three days with 10-second video clips, David Archuleta posted his "Numb" music video to social media on Thursday evening.

The video features Archuleta walking through a wooded area while he belts out his passionate ballad. In an Instagram post, Archuleta shared the significance of the video concept.

"We shot the video outside and alone to capture what it feels like to connect with oneself," Archuleta wrote. "Sometimes you have to separate yourself from everything to connect to something deeper. Nature is for sure one of those places for me."

The song itself carries great meeting for Archuleta who wrote the song two years ago after returning from his mission in Argentina, according to Billboard.

"It was during the time that I returned from my mission trip of two years in Chile," Archuleta told Billboard. "I was trying to get accustomed back to becoming a performer and an artist, and getting back into the whole business of it. It was hard and really challenging, and I was wondering if I even wanted to keep doing it, and I was having a really hard time. I was really missing Chile and doing something that really wasn't about me. It was so much the opposite, and what can I do for other people and helping them in whatever way. I was just missing the people I was with."

Archuleta told Billboard that after coming home he decided he wanted to write about the things he was actually going through. "Numb," is the realization of that desire and the need to express the feelings of that time.

"It was so relieving. That's all I needed to do," said Archuleta according to Billboard. "I just needed to know I could be real with people. I needed to know I could be honest and talk about how I was really feeling at that time in my life. I feel like, as a musician, people want to feel a story. You know, there are songs that people want to have a good time -- fun, summer songs. But I think a lot of other times, people do really want to connect with what's coming from someone's heart, from their soul, and what they're going through. I feel like this was a song that was that for me."

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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