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Rachel McAdams reads 'Anne of Green Gables' for new Audible release

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables” was published in 1908, but over a century later, the classic novel is being given new life thanks to an upcoming Netflix adaptation and a PBS remake set for release on Thanksgiving Day. But first, on Nov. 22, Audible will release a new audiobook version of the novel read by charismatic actress Rachel McAdams.

“Performing ‘Anne of Green Gables’ is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been asked to do in my whole career,” McAdams said in a quote released by Audible. “It’s a transporting book that takes you back to a time where things were simpler — it contains so much emotion and delight that you just can’t help but smile, and laugh and cry. If you’re reading something you love so much and you connect to it emotionally, that passion and joy translates into what listeners hear. Loving the book as I did growing up, it was such a pleasure to perform it now.”

Esther Bochner, senior manager of public relations for Audible, said the release of the audiobook is strategic, as it will be released just in time for Thanksgiving travel.

“This spectacular and energetic reading comes just in time for the most dreaded traffic weekend of the year and serves as the perfect travel companion for families, couples and individuals alike, making the miles pleasantly fly by while inching toward anticipated destinations,” Bochner said.

Listen to a special clip of the audiobook below.