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5 picture, board books share about the sacrament, families, baptism and LDS Church history

Here are several recent picture and board books that help share about the sacrament, families, baptism and the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

THE SACRAMENT IS FOR ME,” by Jessica B. Ellingson, illustrated by Chase Jensen, Cedar Fort, $14.99

With rhythmic and rhyming couplets, author Jessica B. Ellingson teaches step by step how to behave during the sacrament and also explains what some of the symbolism and promises associated with the bread and water are in “The Sacrament Is for Me.” She also explores baptism and the Holy Ghost and how they are part of the sacrament blessings.

The book shares relatable and age-appropriate suggestions to help children learn more about what it means to take the sacrament.

Chase Jensen’s lively illustrations follow a brother and sister as they learn how to be reverent during the sacrament (and as he tries to not pull his sister’s hair).

DEFENDERS OF THE FAMILY,” by Benjamin Hyrum White, illustrated by Jay Fontano, Cedar Fort, $14.99

With art styled like comic books and an invitation for young readers to take on a superhero-like role, “Defenders of the Family” shares different aspects of the LDS Church's teachings on families and why families are important. Many mirror “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

Pointing out how strong families read scriptures, pray, attend church together, as well as with work together, love each other and eat meals together, “Defenders of the Family” author Benjamin Hyrum White shares several things children can do to help strengthen their families now.

White also explores how families can be together forever and encourages readers to respect their parents, get to know extended family members and share the gospel.

I LIKE TO LOOK FOR RAINBOWS,” by Nita Dale Milner and illustrations by Beth M. Whittaker, Covenant Communications, $14.99

The song “When I Am Baptized” is beautifully illustrated in the picture book “I Like to Look for Rainbows.”

The song, which starts with the phrase “I like to look for rainbows,” makes an analogy of how rain cleanses the earth and baptism washes away sins. The illustrations by Kaysville artist Beth M. Whittaker share diverse landscapes and children of various ethnicities.

Whittaker’s beautifully done images help share the spirit and message of the song.

I’M TRYING TO BE LIKE JESUS,” by Val Chadwick Bagley, Covenant Communications, $11.99

This board book offers 16 ways to be like Jesus, from remembering to choose the right and caring for others to partaking of the sacrament and keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Each suggestion also includes an example, both in words and illustrations, that helps show what children can do to follow Jesus Christ’s example.

PROPHET JOSEPH’S 1-2-3s,” by Kristena Eden and illustrated by Linda Silvestri, Cedar Fort, $14.99

From the “1 ancient record” to “6 members of the church” to “10 years of truths,” author Kristena Eden shares a counting book with different events from the history of the LDS Church for numbers one through 10 in the board book “Prophet Joseph’s 1-2-3s.”

“1 ancient record” is about the Book of Mormon. There were six members of the LDS Church when it was organized and there were 10 years from Joseph Smith’s First Vision to when the Book of Mormon was published.

Others include the number of visits by the Angel Moroni to young Joseph (four) and the number of witnesses to the Book of Mormon (eight). Each number includes a short explanation and sources.

Eden and illustrator Linda Silvestri also teamed up for “Book of Mormon 1-2-3s,” which was released earlier this year.

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