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Letter: Raising solar rates

The fact that Rocky Mountain Power wants to raise rates for customers with solar on their roofs (or those who generate from wind, or any “net meter” customer, basically) flies in the face of the interests of consumers. Those of us who spent time and money to set up (or want to set up) alternative energy production are being discouraged strictly so RMP can squeeze more profit from its “customers.” Even if you deny climate change, you can’t deny that the rate increase for future solar net-meter customers would effectively kill the rooftop solar industry in Utah, putting hundreds of local people out of work. In addition, this rate change effectively would kill larger community solar projects that the town and counties were planning. Under the old structure these projects would pay for themselves quickly, providing for lower taxes to locals who no longer need to pay large utility bills for their towns or counties.

Solar is better for the environment, and the solar installation industry provides stable jobs for Utah residents. RMP’s rate hike only serves shareholders and smacks solely of greed.

Kevin Rapf

Park City