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Letter: Draper's open space

A petition has been signed by over 550 citizens that are trying to convince Draper City Council to vote against putting over 150 acres of open space up for surplus. Draper City is looking to surplus land to Blue Bison Development in the East Hollows for a housing development and road which will lead to a planned development of over 400 homes. City Council adopted an Open Space Plan in April which establishes a vision for the land on Traverse Mountain Range. The sale of the 150 acres is up for public comment at the City Council meeting on Dec. 6. The public still has the ability to stop the development in its entirety! If we don't act, access to trails and other recreational activities will be cut off and more open space will disappear. You can help by attending the Draper City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 7 pm. It is critical that you attend AND make your voice heard by standing up and speaking AGAINST the plans of the City Council.

Johne Brennan