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14 tweets that will get you excited for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may not be for everyone, but for some, other holidays can't hold a feather to it.

In fact, just a little over 9 in 10 Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, according to a Gallup poll, with just 4 percent choosing to dine alone.

Thanksgiving is an especially important holiday in the Midwestern United States, where 74 percent — the most of any region — host family gatherings for the holiday. Meanwhile, just 67 percent of East Coasters and 61 percent of Westerners embrace the holiday.

Family remains to be the top thing that people are grateful for, according to Gallup. It’s been that way since 2000.

But it’s not just family time people experience on Thanksgiving. They share food, too. Turkey is the most popular dish, with 46 percent of Americans piling the poultry on their plates. About 17 percent will eat stuffing/dressing, while 5 percent say they’ll eat pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.

Of course, not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. A 2004 poll from the Scripps Survey Research Center at the Ohio State University found that about 13 percent of Americans — so close to 1 in 8 — choose not to honor the holiday. These people also say they plan not to have traditional Thanksgiving dinners with family.

The survey, which interviewed 1,022 adults from across the United States, found that this mostly related to family structure. For example, married couples without children choose not to visit their parents since there’s no pressure to do so. Married couples who both have incomes — a group the survey referred to as “dinks” — feel the same, using their income to go on vacations instead of stay home for the holidays.

"The notion of travel at this time is very attractive to many dinks," Amy Ziff, editor at large for the online reservations giant Travelocity, said, according to the survey. "They can go places where there are not a lot of screaming children around, where they can have the beaches entirely to themselves."

But one look on Twitter and it’ll be hard for you to find some of these noncelebrators. We’ve compiled some of the best Thanksgiving tweets that should get you amped up for the holiday.

Other tweeters took a more cynical approach to the holiday.