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What's new: 'Q&A: Common Questions and Powerful Answers for LDS Youth'

"Q&A: Common Questions and Powerful Answers for LDS Youth," by John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat, Deseret Book, $24.99, 258 pages (nf) (ages 12 and up)

If teens have gospel-related questions, John Hilton III and Anthony Sweat can help with the answers.

Drawing upon similar content from earlier books, the co-authors recently produced "Q&A: Common Questions and Powerful Answers for LDS Youth," published by Deseret Book and available in bookstores in November.

Before both men became assistant professors of religious education at Brigham Young University, Hilton and Sweat were seminary teachers in the Church Education System. They became acquainted at an Especially for Youth event in 2006 and began discussing frequently asked questions by LDS youths, they wrote in the book's introduction.

That discussion resulted in "Why?" which is a book that explains the "why" behind key gospel questions. Then they produced a second book, "How?" offering practical ideas for "how" to live the commandments. Content from a third book, "The Big Picture," was originally intended to be part of the series, but was released in a different format, the men wrote.

"Q&A" combines the best 15 questions from "Why?" and 14 questions from "How?" and two chapters from "The Big Picture," and adds two new chapters addressing timely topics for teens such as mobile devices and same-sex marriage. The book comes with updated photos, quotes from the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet and is organized by colors (blue, orange and green), the authors wrote.

"We testify to you that God cares about you and wants to answer your sincere questions about living the teachings of the church," Hilton and Sweat wrote. "Ultimately the answers you need will come from the scriptures, modern prophets and the Holy Ghost. We hope that this book can also help you find some of the answers you seek."

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