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Utah Jazz matchup watch: Denver's Jusuf Nurkic vs. Utah's Rudy Gobert


SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Jazz take on the Denver Nuggets again Wednesday night. The Jazz, who lost to the Nuggets Sunday in Denver 105-91, look to get back to their winning ways after struggling recently.

On Sunday, Jusuf Nurkic got the better of the center matchup between him and Rudy Gobert. Watch for that rematch Wednesday night to see what adjustments Gobert will make.

Nurkic had 16 points and grabbed 11 rebounds compared with Gobert's six points and seven rebounds.

Nurkic is coming off another impressive game against the Chicago Bulls where he scored 14 points and had 14 rebounds.

Gobert is the better rebounder of the two. He averages 10.5 a game compared with Nurkic's eight. Nurkic does average one more point per game than Gobert.

If Gobert can get into a rhythm this game and not let the momentum Nurkic has had with his past few games be a factor, Gobert can win this matchup and help get the Jazz back to their winning ways.

Carra McManamon is a native of Washington State and is attending the University of Utah. Contact her at or follow her on Twitter: @curramac22