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Reno Mahe says his daughter is in 'the best hands to be in'

On Wednesday morning, BYU assistant football coach Reno Mahe, through a text message to the Deseret News, said his 3-year-old daughter was in God’s hands and that “those are the best hands to be in.”

Elsie Mahe was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital on Tuesday morning following an accident inside the family's Lehi home.

On Wednesday, Elsie remained sedated in the hospital. According to Valarie Pitcher Andrus, who is providing updates on Facebook, Elsie has shown some improvement from Tuesday to Wednesday and has received visits from her siblings and Utah Gov. Gary Herbert.

According to reports, Elsie was playing with a friend when she became entangled in a mini-blind cord. Her mother, Sunny Mahe, was nearby doing dishes when Elsie’s friend sought help and the former BYU volleyball star administered CPR to her daughter while a sibling called for emergency help, according to family friends posting details on social media.

Andrus reported Elsie’s heart rate reacted directly to contact by her family and when her father whispered in her ear, the readings went down, which she interpreted as a calming reaction.

Said one Mahe relative Tuesday night, “Tell Reno to go back and do it again, coach her back to health. Tonight may be the greatest coaching moments of his life,” as reported by Andrus.

A GoFundme account has been established by family friend Jeremy Roberts called “Help The Mahe Family,” posted on Facebook.

This story will be updated as details become available.