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Governor helps serve Thanksgiving dinner at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert serves dinner at the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake at its annual day before Thanksgiving banquet on Wednesday.

“Gov. Herbert and Lieutenant Gov. Cox are demonstrating that all Utahns are their constituents, even if they don't have an address,” said Chris Croswhite, executive director of the mission. “And the fact that the governor and lieutenant governor are serving gives our homeless friends a phenomenal amount of dignity and value, and it helps them change their life, to know that our two top state officials care so much to bring their own families down here and interact with our homeless community face to face and personally. And that gives our homeless community a phenomenal amount of respect."

Operating since 1972, the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake takes care of Utah's most vulnerable populations in two ways: emergency services and addiction recovery. Emergency services include day and night shelter for people who are homeless, three hot meals a day, showers, clothing, laundry facilities and employment counseling. For those who are struggling in the community, the mission also offers family food boxes, each of which provides 20 meals, and sack lunches to take to work. All of thee efforts are funded by private individuals, local businesses and churches.