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No rate hike

I am in opposition to PacifiCorp-RMP's "Advice No. 16-13," filed Nov. 9, that would change the rate structure for rooftop solar customers. My wife and I just relocated full time to Utah in July of this year. We are in the final stages of construction of our home and are beginning the process of adding solar panels. We have no intention of running a cost-benefit analysis to see if it makes financial sense. We are incurring this cost in respect for the beautiful landscape of Zion National Park and the surrounding state of Utah which we now call home. However, this rate change could and likely will discourage other Utah citizens from making the same decision.

Besides the obvious benefits for the environment, our decision to add solar also helps local business and provides local jobs. You just need to look to the state of Nevada to see what happens in these cases. I respectfully expect more from the Utah Legislature than to act as a front for corporate profits in exchange for an adverse effect on the environmental and business health of our fair state.

Dean Elger

Ivins, Washington County