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Donors needed to Sub for Santa this Christmas season

Valerie Johnson

This Christmas season, the Deseret News encourages you to participate in the Sub for Santa program that connects donors with one of two of the Salvation Army's programs: Adopt-A-Family and Children's Christmas. Families like Nathan's are many and need help from people like you.

After a fierce custody battle, Nathan is struggling to pay for the treatment to help his oldest daughter, Parker, recover from the terrible abuse she suffered from her mother. The fees drained his savings and he is on disability for back injuries, but Parker still needs cognitive therapy twice a week, anger management as well as medication for anxiety, depression and ADD. Insurance covers some, but not all the treatments Nathan's daughter needs.

Sometimes a family's needs become so overwhelming that wants look trivial. Why provide gifts to children and families, then, that simply fulfill wants? When a person has wants, they have dreams and aspirations. Wants help a person move from simply surviving to living.

Adopt-A-Family includes the most needy families. You'll provide not just gifts for the kids, but meet a family need and provide food for Christmas dinner. You will be notified of the date and time to deliver your gifts. Children's Christmas provides for sibling groups. Parents are optional, but each child should receive at the minimum something they need like coat and shoes as well as something to simply enjoy.

To learn more about or to sign up for Adopt-A-Family or Children's Christmas, please visit Sponsors are needed by Dec. 5 and gifts are due by Dec. 12.