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Utah stay-at-home mom’s open letter to man who called her ‘spoiled’ republished by ABC News

ABC News screenshot

Katy Anderson, a Utah woman, was a new mom eight years ago when a satellite installer called her “spoiled” after learning that she was a stay-at-home mom with one child at home. An open letter to the satellite installer was recently published on but today, the column was reprinted by ABC News.

She recalls the feeling of inadequacy she was experiencing at the time as a 23-year-old new mom.

“Most women my age were out discovering their place in this world; finding their passions, and partying late into the night,” Anderson wrote. “Marrying young and becoming a mother had been my choice, but it was one I was still acclimating to. I was grateful for the opportunity to be home with my son; it’s what I had wanted. But that doesn’t mean it came easily or without sacrifices.”

Anderson shares some of the things the satellite installer had no way of knowing and the sacrifices she and her husband were making to allow her to stay home.

The point of the letter, which Anderson says is more a letter to herself rather than to the satellite installer, is to illustrate the importance of kindness and refraining from judgment.

“There is so much of that running rampant in this world,” Anderson said. “But especially when it comes to parenting. All it’s managing to do is drive us all crazy and make us even more insecure. …We all struggle with battles often guarded in secrecy. And yet we lose sight of the lessons drilled into us as children: That kindness and tolerance are the best approach.”

Read Anderson’s letter in its entirety here.