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BYU football: Mangum could see action in November even if Hill is healthy

CINCINNATI — So far this season, BYU sophomore backup quarterback Tanner Mangum has been on the field for two plays.

Mangum took a knee on both while the offense lined up in victory formation at the end of the win at Michigan State. At this point, wide receiver Mitchell Juergens has attempted more passes (1) than Mangum.

But as the Cougars’ schedule eases after the Cincinnati game Saturday, Mangum could see more playing time this month.

“I don’t know if it will be this week. We’re still playing to win games. We don’t want to change up a rhythm or those kinds of things,” said offensive coordinator Ty Detmer. “We’ve talked, (Mangum) and I, about, at some point here towards the end of the season getting him a series, whether it’s the start of the second quarter or maybe one a half. Just get him some playing time. You get in the course of a game and I don’t think this week we’re going to go in with that mindset as much as maybe we will the last three to make sure he gets time going into next season. That will be a scheduled time.”

EVALUATING HILL: Starting quarterback Taysom Hill has stayed healthy so far this season and hasn’t missed any time due to injury.

What does Detmer think of Hill’s performance?

“He’s played good. He’s done a lot of good things for us in the run game, as far as getting us in and out of runs,” he said. “That’s one of the reasons we’ve been successful running the ball. He understands it, sees it and gets us in a good play. He’s been really good on third downs where he’s either running it or getting completions. He’s done a good job for us and played well. It’s different for him not being the focal point and having the ball in space as much. He’s done a good job of being patient with it and understanding it and executing it.”

When asked about his performance this season, Hill said, “There are definitely things I could improve on. But overall, I felt like I’ve been able to manage each game the best that I could. We’ve had opportunities to win close games and we’ve won close ones. It’s been OK.”