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Letter: Argument against Trump

Let's do the math people. Even when Ross Perot split the vote all across the country and allowed Bill Clinton to be elected. Guess what. Bill still didn't win Utah's electoral votes. We're that conservative. The argument that a vote for Evan McMullin is a vote for Hillary is ludicrous. If you want to argue that Trump is a better candidate than Evan. Fine. But don't argue a vote for Evan is a vote for Hillary. She is not going to win in Utah. She will have to find her 270 somewhere else.

My arguments against Trump: One: He's a lascivious, prideful man who can't even follow the advice of his campaign advisors. Why would he do anything conservative Republicans want? Two: Putin loves the guy. Isn't that sufficient warning against him? Three: The man has not lifted a finger to help the little guy or anyone else in his whole life. Why would he start now? Evan McMullin has already spent at least 10-years of his life serving his country, thus the single status. Let's give that man our electoral votes. He deserves them.

Andrew McKinnon