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Rockmonster Unplugged: The effect of 'GameDay' on Ute program

Yardbarker is a subsidiary of Fox Sports Interactive. The blend of sass, facts and commentary “submitted by fans and celebrity athlete bloggers” has a relatively high standard.

Which is why a Nov. 3 online story about the direction of the Utah football program intrigued me. In a piece written by John Cassillo of The Comeback, he labeled Utah and Washington as possible powers in the future Pac-12.

“All of that said, the (College GameDay) proceedings in Salt Lake City felt like the transition point of what’s to come as the conference searches for identity post-Oregon (and maybe USC),” he wrote.

The conclusion of his piece said, “This newfound story between the Utes and Huskies may find its next chapter before this season even ends. If Utah fails to lose again, they would be the South’s representative in the Pac-12 title game. If this past Saturday was any indication, we could be witnessing the birth of an annual struggle for conference dominance between these two teams. Even in college football’s weird, late-night football league, it’s a unique narrative we should be eager to watch unfold.”

With three games still remaining, dominance talk is a stretch. If the Utes fail to get to the Pac-12 championship game, it’s a moot point. Still, the interesting part is that someone outside the state is speculating. That Utah would even be discussed shows the weight a GameDay visit carries.

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