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UTubers: BYU gymnastics' mannequin challenge viewed 2.3 million times featured on ESPN

BYU gymnasts pose for mannequin challenge.
BYU gymnasts pose for mannequin challenge.
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After the ice bucket challenge and the running man challenge, a new challenge has emerged.

It's called the mannequin challenge and Destiny's Child even showed back up to accept the challenge but BYU Gymnastics may have the best video so far or at least the most difficult to pull off.

#GoCougs #mannequinchallenge

Posted by BYU Cougars Gymnastics on Friday, November 4, 2016

The Cougar Gymnasts' video has been viewed over 2.4 million times and was featured on

"Drop the mic, ladies," ESPN's D'Arcy Maine said. "I really don't see how this can be topped."

The challenge requires participants to hold statue still in positions that often look difficult to maintain.

The challenge has also been completed by the Utah Utes Football Team, The S.E.C. Network and the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show.

Watch the video on Facebook here.

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