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My view: I'm voting for Trump and I'm a Mormon state senator from Georgia

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles as he speaks at a rally Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 in Leesburg, Va. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles as he speaks at a rally Monday, Nov. 7, 2016 in Leesburg, Va. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Alex Brandon, AP

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Many religious leaders, including in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have long discussed the need to protect the Constitution. This has never been as relevant as in this election.

A wise leader once said, “Corruption, crime, dishonesty and devotion only to special interests — these are signs that precede the fall of great civilizations.” I feel this is exactly what we face in Hillary Clinton.

Utahns and fellow Latter-day Saints, America needs you. We need your strength and your courage, and we need you fighting to preserve our Constitution, our liberties and our nation. We know the Constitution is a divine document inspired by our great Creator that must be preserved. Our Constitution, and our freedom, are hanging by a thread and will not survive four years of a Clinton presidency. We have seen the excessive and unconstitutional use of executive orders by our current president. The past eight years will be but a shadow of things to come under a Clinton presidency.

We need you to help us defend our liberty, our lands, our children and our families so we may all live according to our faith and religion. The next president will appoint several new Supreme Court justices. We know the importance of constitutional judges. We know what happens when the wrong person becomes the leader of a great society and appoints those who supported him as judges and rulers — freedom and liberty are lost; tyranny and destruction follow.

Latter-day Saints are taught to be good citizens, to become engaged and educated and to vote while safeguarding our families and the next generation.

Throughout history, people of faith have been asked to take upon themselves difficult tasks. Early members of the LDS Church were persecuted, driven from their homes and faced an “extermination order” that made it legal to kill Mormons. Our ancestors sacrificed greatly, giving their lives to restore the church so that we may worship and exercise our religious freedom. Today, our freedom of religion is under attack. Make no mistake, there are only two viable candidates as our next president. One of those will force late-term abortion into our lives by any means, including, church provided insurance policies.

In 1995 the church issued "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." In the years before this proclamation, and in the years after, the nuclear family has been decimated. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and fewer people are getting married. The destruction of the family is not random. It has been a coordinated effort by those who wish to destroy our liberties. They will destroy the family and create a societal network that puts government at its head. We must defend our families, our rights and our religion from those who would put themselves as kings and rulers over us. There is only one person running for president who can win the presidency and protect and defend our Constitution, our families and our religion. That person is Donald J. Trump.

I understand many are struggling with this decision. It was easier four years ago. Mitt Romney was a man we knew would uphold and support the Constitution and our values. Unfortunately, millions of Americans struggled, very similar with what you are struggling with now. Romney’s opponents ran ads, many in the South that I call home, making him out to be very different from the Mitt Romney we all know and love. Millions who traditionally voted Republican believed the lies and didn’t show up to vote. Had they put aside their personal dislike of Romney and focused on his policies, it is reasonable to believe that instead of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running for president, we would have President Romney running for re-election against Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, that isn’t reality. Neither is it reality that anybody other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become our next president. No matter how much they may turn your stomach, entertaining the idea that anyone else has a reasonable chance of winning is a complete disregard for the challenges we face. Do not bury your head in the sand and ignore what a Clinton presidency would bring.

In recent days, more Utah Republican elected officials have made it known how they will be voting in this election. The following senators have confirmed they have voted or will be voting for Trump: State Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, Sens. Peter Knudson, Allen Christensen, Stuart Adams, David Hinkins, Evan Vickers and Ralph Okerlund, and State Rep. Mike Schultz. These men are putting the future of our great country ahead of politics and should be commended for not taking the easy political path.

Donald Trump is no saint. But he also isn’t the person the media would have you believe. He has led a life different from what we would define as "acceptable." However, it is that life that has prepared him for what lies ahead. Please do not buy into the trappings that millions of Americans fell for during the last election. Vote for Donald Trump, not because you like him, but because he is the only candidate with the ability to win the presidency that also supports the policies we value.

Michael Williams is a Republican state senator from Georgia. He is a successful businessman first elected in 2014. Williams is a member of the LDS Church and has spent the week in Utah as a surrogate for the Trump campaign.