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LOOK: Photos of victorious presidential candidates from the past

Regardless of the outcome, this election will be one for the books.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is the first female belonging to a major party to be on the ballot for president, while her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, has publically stated he will not accept the results of the election unless he wins.

It may be a close race, too. A poll by the New York Times and CBS News released on November 3 placed Clinton three points ahead of Trump, 45 to 42 percent.

And while presidential elections have been a part of American history since the first one in 1789, this isn't the first time the race for the White House has had some historic events happen.

For example, George W. Bush won the presidency in 2000, despite losing the popular vote. This was actually the fourth time in U.S. history a president who lost the popular vote won the election. However, it is the most commonly talked about one, according to CNN.

CNN also noted that The Chicago Daily Tribune printed its paper early on election night in 1948 having incorrectly declared Thomas Dewey the winner over Harry S. Truman, who actually won despite the odds.

But regardless of what election day has brought in the past, a candidate has always remained victorious... eventually.

Here are some photos of presidential candidates awaiting the news of the election or celebrating their victories from the Associated Press.

Of course, some pictures weren't taken on their election night. The photos of Gerald Ford and Lyndon B. Johnson were taken during their swearing in or shortly thereafter.

And, since the results of the 2000 election between Bush and Gore were announced five weeks after the fact, Bush's picture was taken while watching the results.

Enjoy the photos below: