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Could BYU QB Mangum take snaps against Southern Utah?

Tanner Mangum hands off during practice with the Brigham Young University football team in Provo on Monday, Aug. 15, 2016.
Tanner Mangum hands off during practice with the Brigham Young University football team in Provo on Monday, Aug. 15, 2016.
Ravell Call, Ravell Call

PROVO — With three games left in the 2016 season, BYU backup quarterback Tanner Mangum still hasn’t taken any meaningful snaps.

Could Mangum get that opportunity Saturday when the Cougars host Southern Utah?

“We’ll see how the game plays. I’d love to get him in at some point,” said offensive coordinator Ty Detmer. “I don’t know if we’ll script a series in there for him. If you tell him the third series of the game and you’re backed up on your own 1 (yard line), that’s not a fair position to put him in. We’ll see how the game’s going.”

Detmer added that the No. 1 priority, of course, is to win the game.

“The plan all year has been to try to get him in at some point,” Detmer said. “With the way the games have gone, we haven’t had an opportunity. We’re not going to take Southern Utah lightly and schedule a time for our backups to play. We’re going to try to win the game first and see what happens from there.”

THE FLEA-FLICKER: Detmer called a flea-flicker late in the first half last Saturday in BYU’s win over Cincinnati. It turned out to be a 43-yard gain and set up the Cougars’ first touchdown.

“We’ve run it before and we practice it all the time,” Detmer said. “We felt like it was a perfect time to give it a call. We had been running the ball well at the start of that series and the safeties were starting to cheat. It was good execution on everybody’s part.”

THE RUN GAME: BYU’s offense has certainly established itself as a run-oriented scheme, which is what Detmer had planned on all along.

“It’s maybe not as exciting or fancy for our fans but that was the whole idea coming in, to being able to control the game and keeping our defense off the field, control the clock and control the ball,” Detmer said. “We’ve probably been a little better at it than anticipated when I first came in. We’ve stuck with it and established that identity up front with our tight ends and backs. That’s been fun to watch.”

NO-SHAVE NOVEMBER: BYU defensive lineman Sae Tautu is one of several BYU players who is growing a mustache this month.

“I kind of did it on accident. I had to shave for class and I was already late so I had a sloppy shave job,” Tautu said. “I decided to keep it for all of November. There’s probably 15 of us on the team.”