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A.M. notes: Colombia plane update, Jim Gaffigan returns to Salt Lake, funeral held for Ellsworth

Supporters of the Chapecoense soccer team gather inside Arena Condado stadium in Chapeco, Brazil, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, in tribute to members of their team who died in an airplane crash in Colombian on Monday night. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)
Supporters of the Chapecoense soccer team gather inside Arena Condado stadium in Chapeco, Brazil, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, in tribute to members of their team who died in an airplane crash in Colombian on Monday night. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)
Andre Penner, AP

Here’s all the latest news to start your day.

Colombia plane ‘ran out of fuel’

Earlier this week, a plane carrying a Brazilian soccer team crashed in the mountains of Colombia because it ran out of fuel, according to a new BBC report.

The plane, which was carrying the team Chapecoense, which was on its way to a soccer tournament final, had no fuel when it crashed, which fits with the pilot’s recovered audio in which he asked to land because of a fuel shortage, BBC reported.

"Having been able to do an inspection of all of the remains and parts of the plane, we can affirm clearly that the aircraft did not have fuel at the moment of impact," civil aviation chief Alfredo Bocanegra told a news conference, according to BBC.

Only six of the 77 people on board survived the crash. All six survivors were sent to a local hospital for treatment, according to The Huffington Post.

Funeral held for fallen trooper Eric Ellsworth

On Wednesday, families, friends, loved ones and community members gathered for the funeral of Eric Ellsworth, a police officer recently killed in the line of duty, according to the Deseret News.

Ellsworth’s widow, Janica Ellsworth, read a letter at the funeral, which marks her first public statement since her husband died.

"You've only been gone a week but it feels likes months," she said.

Janica also said she couldn’t believe when she saw her husband in the hospital bed with his life on the line.

"You were my rock and my comfort. It's hard to believe you were taken away from me," she said.

Read more about the funeral here.

Creator of the Big Mac passes away

Michael James Delligatti ran a McDonald’s franchise in southwestern Pennsylvania. One day, he introduced a burger that cost 45 cents and came with two burgers, pickles and a special sauce.

It was the Big Mac that we all know and love today.

Delligatti passed away on Monday at the age of 98.

He owned a number of McDonald’s franchises throughout his life in the western Pennsylvania area. Of course he had struggles, unable to compete against Burger King and local restaurants, according to The New York Times.

That’s why he came forward with an innovative idea — to have a burger with two patties, something completely foreign for McDonald's. He was met with criticism for a while, until the burger — “made with two freshly ground patties, tangy melted cheese, crisp lettuce, pickle and our own Special Sauce,” as one newspaper put it, according to the Times — the burger began to sell.

“At one time we were the lowest-volume store of any large city,” Delligatti told the Los Angeles Times in 1993. “A few years after the Big Mac introduction, we became the largest — a distinction we held for a couple of years.”

Read more about Delligatti’s history at The New York Times.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan returns to Salt Lake

On a lighter note, Jim Gaffigan will return to Salt Lake City for a two-night tour, performing at the Vivint Arena on Dec. 2 and Dec. 9. He was originally scheduled for just one show, but popular demand required a second event, according to the Deseret News.

Gaffigan told the Deseret News that he’s always excited to come back to Salt Lake City because of the energy Utahns provide.

“When I perform in Salt Lake, even outside the fry sauce, there’s a communication there that is very much a conversation,” Gaffigan said. “I feel like from the beginning of the show the conversation is on a great wavelength. It’s like everyone knows we’re going to have fun.”

Gaffigan’s also a family man, something that resonates with people of the Beehive State. Last year, he started “The Jim Gaffigan Show” with his wife. But after filming two seasons, Gaffigan decided to end the show because he wanted to spend more time with his growing family.

Still, Gaffigan and his wife work together on the comedian’s routine.

“I write all my material with my wife, so when we construct a show it’s a reflection of what we’re about and everything, and I think that makes sense to people in Utah,” Gaffigan said.

Nightlife video of Gardner, Kansas, is really, really weird

Police in Gardner, Kansas, wanted to find out if there was really a mountain lion in the area after they received reports about one. So, they set up a number of nightlife cameras around town, according to The Huffington Post. Something else waited for them in the woods.

“We now have another different concern,” the department wrote in a Facebook post Monday. “We are attempting to identify some of the wildlife and activity in these images.”

Just a sample of what they found: Santa Claus, a gorilla and a woman wearing a wolf mask.

See the images for yourself below.

Wildlife concerns: The Gardner Police Department was contacted recently about concern over the possibility of a mountain...

Posted by Gardner Police Department on Monday, November 28, 2016