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Letter: Peace and reflection

I have been very interested in reading about Cuba and the death of Fidel Castro. There is great division in that country and this country. Many people hated this leader, and there are many people who now gather to honor him and who loved him. Our country should be an example to the world of being united. We may not always get what we want, but we have been taught to learn to work with others and find common goals. Well, at least that's what I thought until this election. I have never seen this country more divided and more violent. Instead of setting and being an example to the world, there are those among us that seem to want the division to become greater and greater. Every country in this world that has a very strong division is struggling with poverty, war, sickness and disease. Our country was the one people wanted to come to. Our country was the one that promised safety and hope for a better life. This December is a month of peace and reflection. I hope all those who continue to promote hate and division will take pause and learn from the consequences of such division.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake