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Submit photos of your favorite Christmas lights in Utah

Christmas lights on display in Utah.
Christmas lights on display in Utah.
Ali Egan

Christmas lights may have the power to put you in the holiday spirit.

Research from over the last 30 years has found that Christmas lights and decorations can make people more friendly during the holiday and more satisfied about this time of year.

A 2002 study found that family and spiritual activities make people more satisfied with their own well-being, whereas the materialistic aspects of the holiday tend to upset people. Similarly, in 1989, a separate study found that people who decorate their homes tend to be perceived as more sociable and connected to their communities.

It’s no secret that many Utahns will dress up their homes for the holiday season, too. Plenty of these homes will be decorated with holiday lights and all kinds of ornamentation to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

But which home reigns supreme is a different question.

You can submit photos of your own Christmas lights, or another house you’ve seen, to us at the Deseret News from now until Dec. 12. We will pick the top 10 and record a video of the lights for the top three.

Submit your photos below or follow this link.

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