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BYU swim: Jenkins' lead time approaches school record

Preston Jenkins was a near school record in the 200 freestyle while competing in an 800 freestyle relay on Wednesday evening at the Texas Invitational.

“The relays went well today and Preston’s lead was the second-fastest in school history,” said head BYU swim coach John Brooks. “There were many other swimmers who achieved some of their best times.”

Jenkins led the relay team in the first of four 200-yard segments with a time of 1:35.96. Jake Taylor still holds the record in the 200 free with a registered time of 1:35.03.

Jenkins and his teammates David Harlan, Kent Fellows and Luis Ventura took a 14th place finish in 6:35.44. The other men’s BYU team finished in 17th with a time of 6:39.96.

The women’s 800 relay teams took 18th and 20th places with times of 7:36.91 and 8:06.15, respectively.

The Texas Invitational resumes competition at 10 a.m. CST, and the Mesa State Invitational in Colorado begins at 10 a.m. MST. Results and scores can be found on the BYU schedule page.

Courtney Lovelace is a current student at Brigham Young University who works in sports communications. She may be contacted by using her email at