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Letter: Christmas came early

Dear Santa, Thank you for coming early this year. The election results and a Trump win have been the best gift you could've given me. I'd been told for months with poll after poll that the fix was in, that there was no opportunity for conservative ideals to triumph in today's demographics. That the relentless effort by liberals to grow their base through social giveaways and promising almost everything to everybody, with the obvious bias of mainstream media, made it impossible for a win. Yet here we are watching a Trump administration form. For many the reality is still sinking in. Trump certainly has his rough edges and wasn't the perfect candidate, but his conservative positions and message of reducing taxes, securing our border and fixing the economy made him the easy choice over the Democrats' flawed candidate. So Santa, thank you. No need dropping by my house this year. The gift of watching liberal pundits fly off the handle at every turn is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Scott Snow

Salt Lake City