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Letter: Sacrificing democratic principles

Christopher Suprun’s announcement of his intention to go against the electoral results in Texas has highlighted the utter hypocrisy of our current political climate. Mr. Suprun has made public his intention to be a “faithless elector,” voting against President-elect Donald Trump when the formal votes are cast in the Electoral College. While questionable, his decision is within his rights as an elector of the state of Texas. His decision is not where I take issue. My problem lies with many of those who have risen in support of this decision. In many instances, these supporters of Mr. Suprun are the same people who have been publicly critical of the Electoral College since Donald Trump’s election without winning the national popular vote.

Criticizing the Electoral College for insulating the presidency from direct democracy is one thing. Criticizing the undemocratic nature of the Electoral College, but supporting an act that further undermines the role of democracy, is hypocritical. Calling for the abolishment of the Electoral College, yet encouraging an elector to invalidate hundreds of thousands of votes, is hypocrisy. It demonstrates that these people are not concerned about democratically elected leaders, but are merely angry that their candidate was not victorious.

Is this what our democracy has come to? Supporting decisions that undermine the very system you claim to hate not only makes you a hypocrite; it also emphasizes your lack of defined principles. This is nothing less than sacrificing democratic principles they claim to support.

Matthew Coates