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You can now see TRAX, bus schedules in Apple Maps

Transportation just got a lot easier for Utahns who use Apple Maps.

A recent update to Apple Maps now includes Salt Lake City’s local transit information, including schedules and information about UTA rail and bus lines.

Apple Maps already shows metropolitan transit lines and schedules for a number of major cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Salt Lake City joins the list with the latest Apple update, which is being rolled out Monday.

Now, when Apple phone users check Apple Maps, they can see where the different transit lines are headed and learn various schedules for those transit systems. It will also help users plan their travel times, showing where to transfer and what color TRAX or bus lines to ride.

Apple also shows schedules and lines for Amtrak trains.

Screenshots of the update can see below.

This update comes just about a day after UTA announced plans to improve the passenger experience, according to the Deseret News. UTA will upgrade its FrontRunner Wi-Fi connection and build better graphic displays and card-readers at TRAX stops.

“The (new) customer experience should be a pleasant one,” Clair Fiet, UTA chief information officer, told the Deseret News. “It will be more reliable, better connectivity and more bandwidth.”