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New nonprofit wants to 'LIFT' your startup and your business skills

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Ogden wants to help activity and recreation startups go the extra mile.

The city and Grow Utah, a new nonprofit organization, just announced a new startup accelerator called LIFT that will help in-state entrepreneurs learn about what makes businesses successful, according to a press release.

The organization will select specific entrepreneurs who will undergo a mentoring and training program that will teach them about the outdoor recreation industry.

LIFT will be open to any and all Utahns who are starting a business targeted toward outdoor recreation and active lifestyle. Applications must be submitted by Jan. 15, 2017, with the program kicking off in February, according to a press release.

The LIFT program will last eight weeks, according to the company’s website. The end goal, according to T. Craig Bott, president and CEO of Grow Utah, is to make sure that Ogden has new startups to foster growth.

“We will surround LIFT innovators with startup experts, prototyping and design specialists and industry mentors,” Bott said in a press release. “All this will give these innovators what they need to be successful. The end benefit will be new startups, located in Ogden that grow this exciting industry cluster in Utah.”

You can find more details about LIFT in the graphic here.

The city of Ogden will put $15,000 into the program. The city hopes that innovators will bring even more outdoor recreation business to the city, which already has a slew of activities for people to enjoy.

“Ogden has a long history of innovation,” Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell said in a press release, “from Browning Arms in the early 1900s to the dozens of modern outdoor product companies who have set up shop in Ogden in the past decade. We want to build on that legacy and make Ogden not only the best place to play outdoors, but also the best place to successfully launch a startup business that caters to the outdoor products space.”

But LIFT won’t be the only startup program in the city. A separate company, called Startup Ogden, allows companies to apply for cash grants from the community.

Applicants can apply quarterly and possibly receiving grants up to $15,000.

Those receive the grant don’t have to pay the money back for two years, as long as their business is located in Weber County. Payback is required if the business moves within those first two years.