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New list ranks Park City as a destination to watch

Utahns who see a surprise vacation of their choice in their stockings this holiday season won’t have to travel far.

TripAdvisor just announced its Travelers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise for 2017, ranking Park City as the second-best destination in the U.S. to visit next year.

The rankings are based on sevearl factors, including reviews of restaurants, attractions and resort accommodations. Booking interest rates also impacted the final rankings.

TripAdvisor did similar destination rankings for places around the world, including separate lists for Europe, Asia and South America.

The laid-back, cosy paradise of San Jose del Cabo in Mexico topped the worldwide list.

“The Travelers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise lists are great options for travelers seeking inspiration for fresh, trending places to book in the new year,” Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor, said in a press release. “These award-winning locations are emerging in popularity among the TripAdvisor community thanks to their highly-rated options for places to eat, play and stay for travelers.”

Here’s a look at the full list of top U.S. destinations for next year.

1. Kihei, Hawaii

Courtesy TripAdvisor

Sun, swim and surf are available at this Hawaiian paradise.

Seasonal average per night: $250

2. Park City, Utah

Courtesy TripAdvisor

Want to ski it up? Park City offers the greatest snow on Earth.

Seasonal average per night: $600

3. Portland, Maine

Courtesy TripAdvisor

Small New England town with mellow sidewalks for a good evening out.

Seasonal average per night: $256

4. Louisville, Kentucky

Courtesy TripAdvisor

Plenty of museums, sports events and cultural exhibits to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

Seasonal average per night: $199

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Courtesy TripAdvisor

Colorado Springs allows you to get some crisp mountain air while hiking in the rural country.

Seasonal average per night: $178

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