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Smart Pocketz wants women to have pockets that will actually fit their iPhone

Rebecca Thorpe had a great business idea when her phone dropped out of her pocket.

“My phone dropped out of my pocket and shattered. I was really annoyed with it, so I got the idea that I needed a side pocket,” she told the Deseret News.

Yes. That’s right. Bigger pockets for women’s jeans, allowing them to hold their smartphones with ease.

Thorpe’s new Kickstarter project out of Logan has designed these jeans — called Smart Pocketz — that have a separate set of pockets designed specifically to hold smartphones and phone cases.

The project hopes to earn $6,000 in funding by Jan. 8, 2017. So far, it has earned $1,627. According to the Kickstarter page, the fundraising amount would be enough to send out an initial order.

As you can see in the video below, the 7-inch pockets are placed on the thigh, allowing wearers to drop their phone into their pocket without worry it’ll stick out.

“If you start looking around, a lot of women will hold their phone in their hands, especially when sitting,” Thorpe told the Deseret News.

Thorpe said she made her measurements using an iPhone 6 Plus.

The jeans are available in two styles — flare and skinny. You can only buy them in dark blue.

With a $50 pledge, you can receive a 20 percent discount off the jeans. When you pledge $60 or more, you earn yourself a pair of these super smart jeans.

Women’s pockets have been a subject of concern with the rise of smartphones (and large smartphones at that). As The Atlantic’s Tanya Basu wrote, women’s fashion doesn’t come with enough pocket space (and some clothing items, like dresses and slacks, don’t come with pockets at all).

Camilla Olson, creative director of a high-tech fashion firm, told The Atlantic that the industry has been focused on the visual aspects of clothing. Fashion thought leaders have done little to help women who use smartphones and tech devices, though, she said.

Because of this, there may soon be a revolution for pockets, Olson said.

“More women are expecting and demanding pockets,” Olson said, according to The Atlantic. “I was hearing more about pockets on the runway in recent shows. Pockets are becoming more interesting, but they aren’t the size to carry around an iPhone, much less an iPhone (6) Plus.”

Credit: Courtesy Rebecca Thorpe

Thorpe said it’s not a matter of women getting more pockets but finding the right pockets.

“I don't know if women need more pockets or better pockets since ours are so small,” she said. “My new jeans have both, the front pockets are 5 inches and the side pocket is 7 inches. From trying both, I think I still like my phone on the side because it makes it easier to get it in and out if I'm sitting.”

Like her business idea, Thorpe’s decision to become an entrepreneur came because of an accident. Her dad planned to attend a entrepreneurial conference and had invited Thorpe’s brother. Her brother didn’t go, so she volunteered.

And it changed her life, she said.

“Entrepreneurs have an excitement and an energy about them that I immediately fell in love with,” she said.

Thorpe said living in Utah has helped her aspirations, given that the Beehive State has slowly built itself a reputation for successful businesses.

In fact, Forbes named Utah as the best state for business. Similarly, many of the top businesses across the country hold offices in Utah. Some of the best medium-sized companies are also from Utah.

Thorpe said there’s nowhere better to start a business.

“I think Utah is one of the best places to start a business,” she told the Deseret News. “I think they have called us the entrepreneur capital of the U.S. because there are more entrepreneurs in Utah than anywhere else. There amazing people I have been able to connect with who have helped me from everything from finding a shipping company to what I should do for quality control. I think those connections alone have made Utah a better place to start a business than anywhere else.”