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Letter: Wasted votes

As a Utahn, I am tired of the fact that my presidential vote means nothing. If I vote for the Republican, it’s overkill. If I vote for the Democrat, it’s a waste of time. As we have seen in the last election, Utah’s Electoral College votes will always go to the Republican, no matter what name is on the ballot. If I lived in any of the swing states, my vote might conceivably decide the election. The Electoral College is an antiquated unnecessary construct between the American voter and the choice of president. Even a small child understands the simplicity of one person/one vote. Every American’s vote should be weighted exactly the same. My vote should be as important as a Floridian’s. The only reason I go to the polls in the presidential election is because my vote on other candidates and issues does matter. It is time to abolish the Electoral College and end this silliness. We are all Americans first, and state residents second.

Michele Easter