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Letter: Highway construction

The construction on Hill Field Road in Layton, Utah, is really bad because it affects a lot of people commuting from place to place. It also affects me from walking to school; it is really dangerous for me because most of the drivers are not paying attention to kids trying to cross the road. They started on the construction in June and they still are not finished. They have a two-lane highway down to one lane on both sides of the road. They still have barrels and there are trucks and other stuff laying around. Now it has already snowed a ton and it has caused a whole bunch of bad crashes and all sorts of bad other things. Since it snowed they haven’t been working so it makes it hard to commute in the construction. There have been several good days to work on it but they chose not to work on the good days. The construction is still not finished and it is making me really mad!

Jace Moore