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Poinsettia Bowl: San Diegan making BYU roommate Colby Pearson feel right at home

SAN DIEGO — Colby Pearson is all set for this postseason affair in the Poinsettia Bowl. He’s confident, anxious, eager and receiving first-class tour service from his season-long roommate, San Diego native Nick Kurtz.

The weather’s been great, Kurtz has Pearson visiting his family, practices at a local community college have been productive, and as a senior, this is how it is supposed to feel.

All that stands in the way of a picture-perfect end to Pearson’s college career is the University of Wyoming’s football team Wednesday in Qualcomm Stadium after three more days of bowl activities.

The Cougars and Cowboys face off Wednesday at 7 p.m. MST in Qualcomm Stadium.

“I feel very calm about this bowl game, I feel like, as a senior, I know what to expect, understand what I have to do, and I’m comfortable with the job,” said Pearson, who will get married in early January.

Pearson and Kurtz are BYU’s No. 1 and 2 receivers this season. Kurtz leads the team with 46 catches for 482 yards and two touchdowns. Pearson has 36 catches for 368 yards, but has double Kurtz’ touchdowns at four.

“Also, as a senior, I really want to help win this game. I’ve never experienced a bowl win in my career because of injuries, and we haven’t won one for a few years, so this is a big deal for me to go out with a win over Wyoming.”

Pearson expects Wyoming to play some cover four and mix in some man coverage, similar defenses to what the Cougars have seen in their 8-4 season going up against teams from the Pac 12, Big Ten, Big 12 and Mountain West.

He also likes how BYU’s receivers have evolved so far this season. “We’ve come together as a group. We believe we can make a big contribution to this offense, and we are anxious to go out and prove it in this final game.”

Pearson said he has enjoyed working with offensive coordinator Ty Detmer in his first year as a college coach, and he foresees BYU’s offense growing and taking advantage of Detmer's knowledge and style.

“He is so knowledgeable about the game. He has a deep background and understands so much about football that it has been fun to be around him when he’s shared things. He’s also a guy that you like to be around. He’s funny, he’s so laid back and he has a way to make you laugh. He really relates to the players.”

Pearson said up until this season, he’d been so ingrained in the go-fast-go-hard offense that is centered on attacking at a fast pace that he didn’t have time to understand the nuances of how the pieces of an offense fits together and how each individual position relates to the other in attacking defenses.

“It’s been very educational for me to learn from Detmer this past year, and I think the offense is in good hands. People are going to gain a lot from playing with him as a coach, and I see nothing but great things in BYU’s future.”

Pearson sees no receiver issues switching from season-long starting quarterback Taysom Hill to Tanner Mangum, who will replace the injured Hill on Wednesday. “I’ve been catching passes from Tanner for two years now. I catch his passes every day in practice all season. We will miss Taysom, we feel for him, and as a senior, all the seniors want this win. We’ll be fine with Tanner.”


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