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13 Christmas ads that will get you in the Christmas spirit

Screen shot from the “Coming Home for Christmas” ad made by Heathrow Airport. This ad for a London airport hits all the right notes.
Screen shot from the “Coming Home for Christmas” ad made by Heathrow Airport. This ad for a London airport hits all the right notes.
YouTube Screenshot, Heathrow Airport

Christmas is coming.

Prepare to see an abundance of advertisements from companies looking to sell their brands and merchandise to the masses for the holiday season.

But maybe it won’t bother you. After all, most Americans don’t mind seeing Christmas ads, nor do they mind watching advertisements earlier in the season than in previous years. In September 2014, the Harvard Business Review conducted a survey that found about two-thirds of adults said they had already seen holiday displays, with only 1 in 3 complaining about how often they saw them.

Meanwhile, about one-third felt “indifferent” about the holiday promotions, finding them “a little” annoying, according to HBR. Another third said they loved or liked them.

People under 45 were most likely to appreciate the advertisements, as well as families who have children in their home. They also resonated well with those who made under $20,000 per year, according to HBR.

So why all the love?

“The positive responders report that early holiday marketing puts them in a good mood, helps them to avoid procrastination, and gives them helpful ideas,” according to HBR.

Indeed, Christmas and holiday advertisements do often offer a positive message to shoppers. Some of the most popular from 2015 included the Sainsbury's commercial starring Mog the cat, which got more than 33 million page views.

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola and M&Ms have consistently shown advertisements that aim to lift shoppers’ spirits ahead of the big holiday.

What does 2016 have to offer? We’ve collected 13 of the top Christmas ads so far this holiday season. Watch below.

“Come Together” — H&M

H&M’s newest Christmas ad shows travelers finding their holiday plans canceled because of bad weather and technical difficulties.

In the video, train conductor Ralph (Adrian Brody) announces there will be a Christmas brunch for those who can’t attend their own family dinners. Ralph and his assistant Fritz go on to decorate the train car for the holidays.“#Tree” — Ugg for Men

This ad is about as simple as it gets. Actor Jeff Bridges searches under his Christmas tree for gifts.

“Thank you, man, uh, Tree,” Bridges said.

The tree responds, in its own bell language, “I’m too close to the fireplace.”“Juliette the doll” — McDonald’s (UK)

This new McDonald’s ad for the United Kingdom shows a little red doll brought to life. The doll, named Juliette, spends the length of the video watching families and friends who are enjoying the Christmas season.“Ginger Deer” — Lowe’s

It’s a gingerbread crisis!

In this video, a gingerbread man with antlers can’t find anywhere to fit in — not with the other gingerbread cookies, the house dog or the reindeer decorations. His journey to find a home leads him into a precarious position, which ultimately makes him feel welcomed by fellow gingerbread characters.“#GiveBrilliant” — Swarovski

Jewelers Swarovski decided to use the Rihanna song “Diamonds” to show how "brilliant" sparkling jewelry can be.“Frankie’s Holiday” — Apple

Frankenstein’s monster isn’t often associated with Christmastime. But Apple decided to switch things up and include the Halloween figure in this holiday advertisement.

In the video, Frankie heads to a town where he wins over the hearts and minds of the people by singing Christmas songs.“Holidays are Coming” — Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is back with its Christmas advertising.

In this one, we see a boy chasing after a Coca-Cola truck in hopes of snagging a fizzy drink.

Previous Coca-Cola ads had trucks full of Christmas-themed Cokes coming to town. Here’s one from 2012: Prime commercial

Amazon advertised its Prime membership with a video that showed a Christian priest, Gary Bradley, and Muslim imam, Zubeir Hassam, getting together during the holiday season. They enjoy a cup of tea and reflect on their sore knees, leading them each to buy a gift of a knee brace for the other.

Hassam said this video shows a world where the community can come together, according to The Huffington Post.

“This is what I do in the community — I didn’t do any acting; I was just being myself,” he said. “With all the bad publicity we have got this is a very, very positive ad showing that people of different faiths can get together.”

“Getting Ready for the Holidays” — Target

An excited child runs through her own version of the North Pole to make sure toy and cartoon characters are ready for the holidays.“Plea to Santa” — Lexus

You don’t see this very often.

In the Lexus 2016 commercial, a girl FaceTimes Santa to ask for a car. Her father chimes in with his own requests for options.“The Giver” — eBay

Have you forgotten what it’s like to see a child open her favorite gift on Christmas? Now you can get a charming reminder: eBay put together this heartwarming ad of a girl opening her desired gift.“#HomeForChristmas” — Waitrose

It’s not always easy to get home for the holidays.

Waitrose, an online grocery shopping company, decided to share this message in its Christmas ad, which depicts a bird flying around the world to get home for the holidays. The ad shows that no one has it easy when trying to get home for Christmas.“Coming Home for Christmas” — Heathrow Airport

This ad for a London airport hits all the right notes. Watch as a teddy bear couple arrives home for the holidays. Fair warning: It’s really cute.