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Letter: Hand of welcome

Recently, the Deseret News ran an article about the growing number of Muslim women in the United States who are fearful of wearing their hijabs, the iconic headscarves that are a symbol of their devotion to their God. How have we reached the point where we, as Americans, are so cruel and insensitive to an entire religion that its members cannot practice it openly for fear of persecution? This is a crime of misinformation. The vast majority of those who attack Muslims do so because of a lack of knowledge. Words like "jihad" and "Sharia law" are bandied about as proof of Muslim treachery, but applying those concepts to all Muslims is a little like grouping all members of the LDS Church under the ideologies of Warren Jeffs. Muslim refugees and American Muslims aren’t terrorists; they aren’t here to commit crimes or steal jobs. And no, they don’t support Sharia law. In many cases, they’re fleeing it. They are here because America is a land of safety. They have found here a haven from violence, but we remove that peace from them when we behave in a fearful, uneducated way. Let us extend to them the hand of welcome instead.

Jonathon Floyd