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This 2015 video of children telling the story of Christmas goes viral again

The story of Christmas takes a few odd turns when kids narrate it.

On Monday, a video from a Kentucky megachurch that showed children narrating the story of Christmas went viral for the second time in two years.

The Southland Christian Church made the video after church staffers interviewed children about Jesus Christ’s birth. They then asked churchgoers to dress up for the video so they could act out the story.

“Of all the stories in the Bible, the story of the birth of Christ is the most widely accepted and known,” Hanna Wahlbrink, creative director at the nondenominational church, told Christianity Today. “Combined with how hilarious the kids are, it’s that story that people want to hear told.”

By Tuesday morning, the video had been viewed more than 879,000 times. It was originally filmed and promoted in 2015 but received additional popularity after it appeared on the "Today" show this month.

Watch the video below.

The video is full of bite-sized nuggets of revisionist biblical history, like children saying that Mary was doing laundry when an angel spoke to her about the birth of Jesus. They also said the Three Wise Men gave baby Jesus gifts like a stuffed hippo or Jordan shoes.

The church’s leaders are happy to see the video go viral again because it spreads a positive holiday message.

“We get comments all the time saying, ‘I’m not even religious, and this warmed my heart,’ and we love that,” Wahlbrink, who plays Mary in the video, told Christianity Today. “The simple message of Christ, through the mouths of kids, is reaching people in a way we never expected.”