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'The Emoji Movie' trailer is here. Cue the shruggy face

Emojis will move from your smartphone screen to the silver screen next year.

On Tuesday, the first trailer for the “The Emoji Movie” dropped. The animated film focuses on Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller), who is a “meh” emoji who has more than one emotion, which keeps him from finding his true purpose in life, according to People magazine.

Yeah, it’s interesting.

Watch the trailer below. It was published vertical so that it would work on a mobile phone.

Director Tony Leondis told Entertainment Weekly that the film will strike a chord with all those who use emojis.

“When you’re trying to make an animated movie, the best thing is to find that familiar thing everyone’s familiar with but no one really thinks about in this way,” Leondis said, according to People magazine. “From my niece to my grandmother, they send emojis. It connects us. In this technological world, we still find ways to connect as human beings, and I think that’s what emojis do.”

With that in mind, Sony Pictures Animation said it will team up with popular smartphone apps — like Candy Crush, Dropbox, Spotify and Instagram — to help bring the movie to life.

Twitter didn’t find the trailer too exceptional. Instead, some users made fun of the film.