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The top 10 arts and entertainment stories of 2016

This year brought new adventures to Utah's arts and entertainment scene.

Not only did some of the state's classic arts venues change locations, or find new ones, but many acts from outside the state found homes here, too.

For example, the new Eccles Theater, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, finally opened its doors after six years of planning and construction. The new theater has a five-story grand lobby, 2,500 seats and an in-venue restaurant. It will host the many touring acts that find their way to Utah.

One of those touring acts will be nationally acclaimed Broadway play "Hamilton," which made plans to stop in Salt Lake City for Eccles' 2017-18 theater series, making it "one of the first cities in North America to see 'Hamilton' outside of Broadway,” according to MagicSpace Entertainment COO Steve Boulay.

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts on the campus of Southern Utah University also became the new home for the Utah Shakespeare Festival and the Southern Utah Museum of Art, both meant to bring an all-inclusive arts experience to Cedar City.

Superheroes also took center stage this year. With the release of movies such as "Allegiant" and "Captain America: Civil War," there was no shortage of heroes for teens to look up to on the big screen. Our own Tiffany Gee Lewis explored in depth the kind of impact these role models can have on culture.

Speaking of culture, other new releases like "Finding Dory" and Kanye West's new album "The Life of Pablo" provided a forum for of our writers to analyze the role movies and music have in setting the tone for today's society.

Here are the top 10 arts and entertainment stories of 2016, as chosen by Deseret News editors.

The New Eccles Theater opens

The new Eccles Theater opened its doors Oct. 21 Groundbreaking for the new theater was two years ago on June 3, 2014. Many who attended the new venue's first event said being there made Salt Lake "feel like a different city."

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'Studio C' makes national headlines with Scott Sterling sketch

"Studio C" made big waves in March after publishing a new video featuring its famed character, Scott Sterling. In the new comedy sketch reminiscent of an earlier one about soccer, Sterling blocks a volleyball in a tournament using only his face.

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Utah Shakespeare Festival's new facilities

The Utah Shakespeare Festival now has a new home — at the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts on the campus of Southern Utah University. The festival made the move to bring a more comprehensive arts experience to Cedar City. For more on the new location, check out our complete guide.

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The announcement that 'Hamilton' is coming to Utah

Broadway play "Hamilton" made headlines earlier this year when the tour announced it would make a stop in Salt Lake City at the new Eccles Theater in the 2017-18 theater series. Ticket information for the play, a modern retelling of the founding of America, will be released at a later date.

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Utah Symphony performs at Carnegie Hall

The Utah Symphony held a special performance at Carnegie Hall this year in honor of its 75th anniversary. Former music director of the symphony, Maurice Abravanel, cherished performing at the venue for its history and artistry.

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The new Southern Utah Museum of Art opens

The new Southern Utah Museum of Art also opened on the campus of SUU. Landscape artist Jimmie Jones dedicated his money and paintings to the new museum in order to honor the work of artists from the area and surrounding Colorado Plateau.

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Local artists share their experiences about the art of parenting

Art and parenting don't have to be separate. Local Utah artists told the Deseret News how they infuse their work into their family life, and how their family life inspires their work. One of the artists, Christopher Ruud, a principal dancer for Ballet West, explains how his father taught him valuable life lessons by bringing him to his rehearsals when he was a child.

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The effect superhero stories have on audiences

From "Hunger Games" to "Allegiant," many movies debuted this year featuring teenagers saving the world. But why do these larger-than-life characters appeal to so many? Lewis explores the power of superheroes in film, discussing the good they can bring, such as offering hope, and the bad, like modeling aggression.

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The effects of sex, violence and misogyny in popular music

Sex, violence and misogyny in popular music are on the rise, but some artists defend their lyrics, saying they should be free to express themselves in their work. While this kind of music may sell well, it can also have serious impacts on an individual's behavior and self-esteem.

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Why families are worth fighting for, according to the latest films

Not all media is troubling, though. Some movies released this year, like "Finding Dory," point to the humanity common in all of us: our fundamental need to belong. In this June article, writer Lottie Peterson explores the valuable and varying messages movies can teach us about the importance of family.

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