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Morning links: Klay Thompson selected by Jazz in draft redo; BYU's crazy touchdown highlighted

Rohan Nadkarni of Sports Illustrated's The Crossover, redid the 2011 NBA Draft five seasons later.

Before he started the redo, he wrote, "Let’s have some fun and redo the 2011 lottery, and together we can imagine a world in which scouting is a science and not a blind dart throw. Kawhi Leonard or Jimmy Butler? Klay Thompson or Kyrie Irving? The right answers to these questions could have really changed the direction of the NBA."

With the No. 3 overall pick, Nadkarni had the Jazz taking Klay Thompson. After explaining why he took Thompson over Irving, Nadkarni wrote, "In this scenario, Thompson would team up with Gordon Hayward to give the Jazz a formidable perimeter duo. I’m also really curious about this alternate reality because Klay would have a larger role on almost every team besides Golden State. Would Thompson be able to carry a team offensively like a true No. 1 option? Sometimes I wish we could find out."

At No. 12, Nadkarni gives the Jazz a familiar face, selecting Enes Kanter, saying, "Whoa! Poor Enes Kanter. In this alternate timeline, he still goes to the Jazz (albeit nine picks later) but the entire world around him is different. It’s basically what Captain America went through after they froze him and woke him up 70 years later."

USA Today's For The Win highlights crazy BYU touchdown

BYU scored one of the craziest touchdowns you will ever see in its 24-21 win over Wyoming in the Poinsettia Bowl Wednesday night, and Alysha Tsuji USA Today's, For The Win highlighted the strange score.

After explaining the weather conditions during the game, Tsuji wrote, "BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum threw up a pass that didn’t look too great, but somehow it wasn’t intercepted. It was simply tipped a couple times until it landed in the hands of tight end Tanner Balderree for the score.

"You know what they say: Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good."

VIDEO: Call it the hot potato play @BYUfootball TE Tanner Balderee with the TD catch on a pass that was tipped twice in the end zone

— Brandon Judd (@brandonljudd) December 22, 2016

The score put the Cougar up 17-7.

Rudy Gobert deserves all-star consideration

Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated's The Crossover looked at five players who deserve consideration to make their NBA All-Star Game debut, and Jazz center Rudy Gobert made the list at No. 3.

Of Gobert's chances, Golliver wrote, "Gobert, Utah’s dependable defensive anchor, faces challenges on all sides, starting with teammate Gordon Hayward, who leads the Jazz in scoring. The French center must also contend with established All-Stars on winning teams, like Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol, while also fending off apples-to-orange comparisons with high-volume stat producers like New Orleans’ Anthony Davis and Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins."

Golliver then makes the argument why Gobert deserves to be in the game, saying, "Gobert has been healthier than Hayward, made a greater positive impact on both sides than Jordan, and guided the Jazz to a far better record than the Kings and Pelicans."