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Firefighters face freezing temperatures, access issues fighting Huntsville blaze

HUNTSVILLE, Weber County — Firefighters spent hours fighting a hard-to-reach fire and freezing temperatures overnight.

Crews responded to the Huntsville home near 650 South and 7600 East just after midnight, finding it heavily involved in flames, Weber Fire Marshal Brandon Thueson said. The house is likely a total loss.

At its peak, about 25 firefighters from Weber Fire District and Ogden City were on scene, Thueson said.

Crews faced several challenges fighting the blaze.

The road leading to the house has a single-lane access, Thueson said, which emergency vehicles struggled to navigate. As they worked to douse the fire, the main floor in the home collapsed, leaving firefighters only able to fight the flames from outside.

"They've been defensive on this fire for pretty much the entire time that they've been here, which just makes it really difficult to get to where the fire is burning," Thueson said. "There are just some real stubborn spots that have been hard to get to."

Meanwhile, temperatures dropped to as low as negative 4 degrees.

"There's quite an ice rink forming around here," Thueson said. "We have to keep water flowing so we don't have our hose lines freezing up on us, and we rotate our crews so that they can spend a little time getting warmed up and making sure our people are safe and aren't having exposure problems from the cold."

The home's only occupant wasn't home when the fire broke out, but came home and found firefighters there, Thueson said. His dogs, which were outside the home, have been accounted for and moved to a safe location. Crews haven't located some cats, which may have been inside.

Initial crews at the scene reported extensive fire on both the main level and in the basement, Thueson said. Investigators will be working to determine where and how the blaze started.