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Quin Snyder: Hill and Burks are getting close to being back in Jazz lineup

LOS ANGELES — Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder is getting weary of answering questions about the status of his injured players, of which he’s had a bunch of this season.

When asked at Tuesday’s shootaround the status of George Hill and Alec Burks, who have been out for the majority of the season (Burks all season), Snyder indicated the chances of seeing them before the end of 2016 are good.

Both Hill and Burks practiced with the team Monday and participated in Tuesday’s shootaround at Santa Monica High, which gives Snyder hope that both will be playing soon.

Without making a prediction of exactly when Hill and Burks will play in a game, Snyder explained his thinking of determining whether a player will be back in the lineup soon.

“To the best of my knowledge, the fact that he practiced yesterday, I would say he’s making significant progress and the chances of him being back in the next week are greater than before he practiced,” Snyder said.

The Jazz take on the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night at Staples Center, but neither Hill nor Burks is expected to play, nor will Dante Exum, who is out with knee tendonitis.