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Iron County Courthouse to close for repairs Jan. 17

CEDAR CITY — The Iron County Courthouse will be closed for repairs beginning Tuesday, Jan. 17. It's anticipated the repairs will take a year to complete.

During the interim, courthouse services will be located at the Fiddlers Canyon Building, 88 E. Fiddlers Canyon Road.

Offices that will be affected by the closure include the Iron County assessor, auditor, county clerk, recorder and treasurer.

Offices for the Iron County Fair will be temporarily relocated to 50 S. 600 East, Parowan. The Parowan Department of Motor Vehicles will be closed during the repairs. The Cedar DMV office, 82 N. 100 East, will remain open.

During the closure, Iron County Commission meetings will be held at the Parowan City Offices, 35 E. 100 North.