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Fire at Ogden dog food plant causes $300,000 in damage

OGDEN — About 200 employees were evacuated from a burning dog food plant Tuesday.

The costly fire at American Nutrition, 2813 S. Wall Ave., resulted in $300,000 damage to an "odor scrubber system" on the exterior of the facility, said Ogden Fire Deputy Chief Eric Bauman.

The plant was evacuated a few minutes after noon, when the fire was reported. Employees were housed in a corporate office nearby and returned to the plant in a little less than an hour.

No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire was unknown late Tuesday afternoon, but investigators said it was "not suspicious in any way," Bauman said.

Bauman added he was told built-up material in the odor scrubber "can catch fire from time to time."

The device is designed to reduce smells coming from the plant as the result of the food production there.

Despite the damage to the device, the plant was able to resume operation when employees were allowed back inside, Bauman said. The fire did not spread to the inside of the building.