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Letter: Torching the flag

Go ahead and set fire to the flag — after all, the First Amendment protects malcontents too. But if you truly loathe what a Trump administration stands for, as many of us do, then you sure have an addled way of expressing it.

Do you honestly not see the distinction between the Stars and Stripes and the presidency? The American flag is the lifelong symbol of the glory of this great nation; blood has been shed over that flag for your freedoms. The presidency, for better or worse, is a transitory position of political will. And by the way, the day Donald Trump takes the oath of office he is your, my and everybody’s president.

Of course we must, at every backsliding step of a Trump presidency, rise up in dissent through the dissemination of well-founded facts and civil disobedience ― to weaken, marginalize and discredit any outrageous return to days of darkness. As long as we don’t lay down, it is only a matter of time and conscience.

But torching Old Glory? I don’t know, perhaps some folks just don’t get America like most of us, and would just as soon throw a tantrum before pursuing the noblest possible path to transformation.

Brad Stonebraker

Astoria, New York